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How to Create a Resilient and Positive Culture in the Workplace. An OD practitioner’s guide to developing performance, wellbeing and agility using the mental toughness framework.

The second book in the series of practitioner guides to the application of the mental toughness concept in individual and organisation development, this book explores how the concept and the MTQPlus can help to understand key aspects of an organisation’s culture.

From that to signpost where attention may be usefully directed and what kind of attention might be most productive. The focus is on enhancing wellbeing, performance and agility to enable organisations and their people to prosper in the 21st Century.

Importantly, the concept is presented as a framework which connects change in the organisation with a beneficial change in its people. Research consistently shows that one cannot be achieved without the other.

The book draws on a group of contributors who, all experts in their fields, have applied this approach to developing a positive and resilient culture. They share their approaches and show what is possible and what is realistic to achieve.

How to Create a Resilient and Positive Culture in the Workplace and others in the series are essentially “how-to guides”. They are designed to be very accessible and to be “dipped into” as the need arises for stimulation and ideas. They are all the result of a demand from consultants, coaches, trainers and managers for material that guides them in addressing their challenges.

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