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Trust in the workplace, in my experience is a critical ingredient for a happy and successful work place.  If employees trust the motives of the organisation’s leadership, their manager and their colleagues, then they are much more likely to feel engaged, empowered, motivated, and therefore, productive.

Conversely, if their trust has been lost, employees will more likely feel disengaged, disempowered and demotivated and will almost certainly be far less productive. They are also far more likely to leave the organisation, leading to costly employee turnover.

I know that I am over simplifying a complex subject, but I think the two key factors in creating trust are honest communication and consistent action.  Whilst the ability to build and maintain trust in an organisation starts with the leadership, it is up to everyone to communicate clearly, respectfully and honestly and then be consistent in backing up their words with their actions.  This includes being open with employees or colleagues when there is bad news or a potential difference of opinion on why a decision was made or an opinion held. People can accept difficult outcomes if they have been told truthfully and feel that their views and feelings were at least duly considered. Similarly, although perhaps strangely, trust may be strengthened by a leader or colleague owning up to a poor decision or one that has created unwanted consequences.

Creating trust takes time whilst it can be quickly eroded if leaders and colleagues communicate dishonestly or say one thing and do another. Again, whilst a lack of trust is more visible in the leadership it is no less important between colleagues on a daily basis.

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You can build trust into your leadership style with the TQ.  The “TQ – Trust Quotient” measures personal trustworthiness and it provides a sound conceptual framework for trust to be managed and developed.  Continue reading.

Source: Mental Toughness Partners