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We have worked with partners in Australia for a number of years. We are now pleased to be able to announce the launch of AQR ANZ which consolidates our activities in this area.

This includes The 8-factor 4Cs model of the Mental Toughness concept which is the most widely accepted and best-evidenced format of this vitally important aspect of our personality. Operationalised by AQR International, the concept and the high-quality measure, MTQPlus, is in use in around 80 countries. AQR ANZ will also oversee the ILM72, a leading measure of leadership style and leadership effectiveness and the TWOI a team working inventory.

AQR ANZ will be led by Paul Lyons, who has been a key partner in the region with Mental Toughness Partners for many years. Paul is a mental toughness and leadership development expert.

AQR ANZ will be the hub of activities in the region providing local support, partner development and customer service as well as a centre of excellence for related activities in the region. Paul brings a real depth of expertise and experience in the use and application of the key concepts of AQR and is an important member of the Global Mental Toughness Advisory Board.

For information about training to be a user of the concept and measure and to learn about enhancing your capability to develop others contact us.