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As we continue to expand globally, AQR International is pleased to announce our newest partnership with WISE-ING Società Benefit who become our key partner in Italy.

WISE-ING is a well-established business consultancy supporting organisations and individuals with the provision of services focused around the core areas of:

Wellbeing (Inclusion, growth and learning)

Innovation (optimising the use of Technology)

Society (growing social responsibility) and

Ecosystem (Exploring Processes and how they interact with people and other systems )

WISE-ING  supports building long-term sustainability through a people-centred approach, facilitating positive change in organisational culture through the use of technology, creating real engagement and the active development of people to enable their full involvement in creating success.

AQR International is looking forward to working with WISE-ING in 2024 and beyond!

For more information about the work of WISE-ING, see or or contact