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A truly interesting video clip illustrating how the Masai understand the Mental Toughness concept and how it features in the lives in the Masai Community. The speaker is Emmanuel Milla Mankura, a Tribal Elder. Emmanuel Mankura works closely with Anthony Willoughby, Principal of the Nomadic School of Business who introduced the AQR 4Cs Mental Toughness concept to Emmanuel.

Together they have already worked with some of the largest multinationals in the worlds such as Coca Cola, Mars, Google, to provide insights into leadership and how to build and develop communities based on Masai traditions.

We particularly like the “punch line” at the end. Self-awareness about one’s Mental Toughness and Mental Sensitivity has to be a significant factor.

In the Masai culture, Elders do not use power and energy to force decisions. They sit down and consult to arrive at decisions which affect the community. This requires a great deal of courage. They are also acutely aware of adapting one’s way of life to new circumstances – a major application for Mental Toughness.

We are delighted to work with The Nomadic School of Business and through them with Emanuel – bringing some useful and often very different insights.