Change management programmes commonly fail because the focus in all about the structural aspects of the organisation there is no thought given to the individuals changing their thinking, beliefs and behaviour.

Key to effective implementation of change programmes is to develop and deploy strategies that will help organisations, teams and employees understand, accept and work with change so as to minimise disruption and help performance objectives to be achieved.

AQR change management programmes focus on the challenges in getting people to change their thinking, beliefs and behaviour along with new working practices and methods resulting from the implementation of change. We would address :

  • the different types of change and how change affects individuals, teams and organisations
  • Identifying communication strategies
  • how to deal effectively with anger, frustration and resistance to change within the workforce
  • the development of techniques and approaches to support people through the change process
  • the effects of different leadership styles on the change process
  • the different models of change management
  • the development of an action plan for future changes

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