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In the past few years I have read many articles about the importance of the morning routine on the quality of your daily performance. Most people, myself included, would agree that a structured and consistent morning routine can set you up with the right mindset to attack the day with energy and purpose. For many, this includes an ample night’s sleep, an early alarm call, some meditation or exercise and perhaps some reading, positive affirmation and goal setting. There is no one routine that fits everyone.

Many also recommend not accessing email and social media in the first hour in order to create a sense of calm and mindfulness. I can understand the sense in this but I just can’t break the habit of a 5am start with a cup of coffee and the overnight sports results before reviewing and responding to email and social media. Moreover, I actually feel it is a beneficial part of my morning routine because I’m able to visualise the day’s challenges and opportunities and head into the first few hours feeling in control. For me it reduces not increases my stress levels.

I’m comfortable with this but I’m interested to hear about your morning routine.

Is the first hour of your day tech free or do you head straight to your smart phone or laptop?

Does your technology addiction extend to the waking hours ?

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