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Confidence and being confident is such an important and magical quality because it gives you added self-belief in your ability to succeed and make good things happen. If you don’t have it, you want some. If you have lost it, you want it back and if you have it already, you want more.

Meanwhile, courage is a much sought after quality too.  Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one (we might call it bravery) or alternatively strength in the face of pain or grief.

I saw them as two different qualities both equally important. However Darren Fleming, a friend of mine who expertly coaches people to speak more confidently, holds an alternative view which I quite like, namely that they are connected because courage is the critical step before confidence.

Darren’s view

Confidence comes when you know you will be successful. If you don’t know that you will be successful you can’t have confidence. What you need is courage. Courage to take the next best step. When you do that, you move forward. Eventually you reach a point where you know you will be successful, and you can have confidence.

The trick to having courage is to install a process so you know what to do next. When you know what to do next, and then next, and then next and then next again you end up with confidence.

Whether you are delivering a presentation, selling a product or fixing a car, if you don’t have a process…buy one.

Me again, for more sense from Darren visit him at his website

I really like Darren’s point about having courage to install a process or a routine that then leads to confidence. Have faith or courage to focus on the process and you will become confident through consistently making things happen.

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