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A Global Community

Creation of an Advisory Board

The Mental Toughness concept and associated measures lie at the heart of the AQR International offering for individual and organisational development in every sector across the globe.

The development of the concept and the concern for practical application has always been the outcome of a unique collaboration between applied academic researchers and practitioners.

As AQR has grown to operate in over 80 countries, the time has come to widen that collaboration and create a community of practitioners, champions and academics who can work with each other in a structured way. This will enable the body of knowledge that is out there to be harnessed to contribute to ongoing research and development. For members and for the wider community this will provide a remarkable opportunity for continuous professional development around this valuable concept…

One element of the community is to create an Advisory Board of leading senior academics and leading practitioners from around the world.

The first iteration is now being assembled and, at the end of March, will meet virtually for the first time. The membership is truly global with representation from every continent.

Its primary role will be to harness information and interest from all parties to provide a source of guidance about where the concept has application and aligning that with the research interest of academics.

There are two other components of the community. All three will work together to support research and development projects.;

MTQ Licensed Users Group – Practitioners who have completed Licensed User training and use the concepts in their work. They will have access to and the early sight of new materials and have the opportunity to attend webinars and workshops on new developments. Anyone who has completed the MTQ LUT programme can join the LinkedIn group

Champions Group – Individuals who are not trained practitioners but who have a special interest in Mental Toughness and /or are champions for the concept in their organisations and sectors. Generally, by invitation and by expressing an interest through

There two additional goals:

Journal of Mental Toughness Research – Establishing a journal where empirical research, as well as good case studies, can be published

Conferences and Seminars – where thought leadership and experiences can be shared

We will shortly announce the composition of the first version of the Advisory Board. In due course, it is expected that we will produce regular posts and articles as the Advisory Board fulfils its role.