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Following university, my early career was in retail operations, progressing from store manager to regional manager. Because of my passion for learning and development, I was asked to set up a management training function and that marked the start of my HR career. I moved through the ranks, predominantly in generalist HR roles and I also enjoyed specialised positions in recruitment and talent, employee relations and organisational development.

I have been HR Director for the past 19 years for businesses as diverse as Eurostar, British Gas, WSH (privately owned hospitality group) and now Yodel. Still passionate about learning I graduated last year with an MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change.


Increasing mental toughness at work through developing a coaching culture

Working at Yodel is not for the faint-hearted. A business undergoing financial turnaround and cultural transformation needs leaders who can not only do the day job but can also lead others through rapid and unsettling change.

Developing a coaching culture could seem an unlikely, maybe even an unnecessary intervention. However, the results speak for themselves. Anecdotal evidence that being trained in coaching techniques helped individuals to cope with personal work pressures was then backed up by academic research. Mental toughness, as measured by the MTQPLUS psychometric test improved following coach training.