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Speaker Bio

MD of The Wellbeing & Performance Company, who use Neuroscience based practices to embed coaching with their (in the main corporate clients) showing them a return on investment through increased productivity, creativity, staff engagement, staff retention, increased compliance and attendance.

She is also MD of a Talent Management company and has worked in recruitment for 20 years at a high level.

She has spoken about wellbeing, being critical to employers in a talent-short market and has spoken to Amber Rudd MP Secretary of State for Works and Pensions and Jeremy Hunt Foreign Secretary about the need for Wellbeing coaching to help leaders improve mental health & wellbeing across their organisations.

A former Sussex Businesswoman of the year regularly appearing on the BBC & Sky, she is a mentor & youth employability advocate as well as championing the over 50’s back into work. Passionate about the difference mental toughness & resilience makes in the workplace and at home.

Session Outline

A close look at why neuroscience and mental toughness development should have a fundamental place in wellness strategy in all organisations. Through a top-tier down coaching approach, we will explore how neuroscience helps to optimise the performance of individuals and the wider organisation. We will discuss recent stats on mental health and look at how to calculate business risk cost. There will be a reflective piece where we look back at changes in the workplace over the past 20 years and how this impact’s on wellness strategy today. We will finish off by looking at ways to prove ROI for coaching activity within organisations.