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AQR International is pleased to announce Kompass Consultancy as an ongoing partner in our global network of colleagues and collaborators. Kompass’ focus is on providing coaching services around career, performance and leadership development, much of this using the mental toughness concept.

Gaj Ravichandra (Co-Founder & Managing Partner) and the team at Kompass Consultancy have used the mental toughness concept and the MTQ measure in their work for almost a decade now. They work with leading global organisations, Government departments, educational institutions and sporting teams around the world to deliver real outcomes regardless of whether this is for an individual coach wanting to develop their skills, or for an employee/team wanting to improve their career, leadership or performance capabilities.

Kompass Consultancy has won a first-class reputation as a leading coaching consultancy working across 5 continents.

We are looking forward to working with Kompass to expand our global network further.

For more information about their work, see their website or contact Gaj at