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Most people are mentally tough some of the time but not all of the time. They have some mental blockers that stop them realising their potential and achieving greater success. These mental blockers can be feeling emotional, overwhelmed, easily distracted or threatened. They can be a lack of control or confidence or resistance to change. There are many types of mental blockers and often they are interrelated.

Meanwhile successful people are mentally tough pretty much all the time and they possess a number of key characteristics:

  • They possess high self esteem
  • They control their emotions
  • They focus on achieving outcomes
  • They are courageous and confident
  • They can lead and influence others

For many successful people it has not always been this way. They haven’t always been mentally tough most or all of the time. At some point they have made a commitment to change and then developed the mental toughness routines and habits to achieve greater performance and wellbeing.

In many cases they have used a coach to help them get set on the right path through a structured program that:

  • measures their existing mental toughness
  • helps them unpack their existing mental blockers through reflection and conversation
  • discusses and agrees the interventions to suit them
  • keeps them accountable to the mental toughness routines they need to develop.

Mental Toughness Partners are the leading network of accredited and experienced mental toughness coaches. We use the practical and scientifically validated MTQ48 psychological measure and framework to assist individuals and organisations to build resilience, mental toughness and wellbeing. We work across all sectors including occupational, sporting and education and are experts in change, stress, sales and leadership.

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