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Translated from an article by our Italian partners WISE-ING

Did you know that Mental Toughness can enhance Female Empowerment?

Discover what we found in our research study

We analysed the interactions between Mental Toughness (MT) and Female Empowerment (EF) on two fronts:

➡️ The comparison between a male and a female sample, both employed in managerial roles within the same company;

➡️ The comparison between a female group and a second sample of women, employed in operational roles and in a different company.

What did we discover?

This study revealed significant findings regarding the link between Mental Toughness and Female Empowerment in organizations.

In particular, women in managerial roles showed a higher level of TM than men in similar roles, highlighting how women in leadership positions often face additional challenges to overcome the so-called “glass ceiling” and achieve positions of power within companies.

Also with respect to women in operational positions (especially at Confidence level), highlighting the importance of confidence in one’s abilities for Female Empowerment.

The results show the importance of active involvement of the organization in supporting gender policies through the strengthening of cultural dimensions.

However, it is also essential to implement targeted initiatives aimed at supporting Women’s Empowerment, to allow women to develop the confidence and determination necessary to consider leadership positions and professional advancement opportunities as achievable and desirable goals.

Because it is important?

The results illustrate how Mental Toughness training can significantly enhance Female Empowerment.

Women in managerial roles obtained higher scores, especially in the Confidence dimension, suggesting that a work environment that promotes Mental Toughness can encourage the development of confidence in one’s abilities.

This creates a virtuous circle in which women are more likely to seek and seize opportunities as they arise, thus improving their personal and professional growth.

What can we learn?

These results underline the importance of actively promoting Women’s Empowerment in organizations to promote gender diversity and equal opportunities, and therefore to create a more inclusive and collaborative working environment.

Investing in the empowerment of women can not only contribute to their individual success, but also to the growth and success of the entire organization. It is crucial to understand that Empowerment efforts must be deeply rooted in the company culture and involve all hierarchical levels. The top-down approach, without bottom-up support, risks limiting the effectiveness of such initiatives and not achieving sustainable results in the long term.

How can we help?

We at WISE~ING are committed to supporting Female Empowerment through tailor-made Mental Toughness and Psychological Flexibility development programs.

Find out more about our development programs and how they can contribute to Women’s Empowerment by contacting us via email at or via mobile at +39 393 9170258. You can get more information on Mental Toughness by visiting our website