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Darren Whysall | Executive Coach & Coaching Supervisor | Barclays

Darren is a highly qualified and experienced Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Trainer and Facilitator with more than 25 years’ experience of working with people in high-pressure roles e.g. Armed Forces UK, Education and Financial Services.

Combining current studies for an MSc in Business and Strategic Leadership with qualifications in Education, Training, Coaching and Supervision has helped Darren develop the insight and passion for helping individuals and teams identify their unique qualities and attributes to improve well-being, build capability, enhance team working and growth.

Session Outline

In today’s ever-changing business landscape many organisations are investing in coaching to bring about individual change, but what do the most forward-thinking organisations do to bring about a broader more sustainable change, whereby both individuals and the organisations they are part of thrive? They take the next steps and invest in team coaching!

What is team coaching? 

This highly interactive session aims to answer this question. In addition to this, participants will explore models, tools and techniques they can take back to their own organisation to help build mentally tough high performing teams.

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