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Lorna Lawless | Coaching Psychologist | Next Level Coaching

Lorna Lawless is a Coaching Psychologist and owner of her own Coaching business. She holds a first-class honours M.A in Coaching Psychology from University College Cork and a BSc in Psychology from the Open University. She is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and Secretary of the Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group for The Psychology Society of Ireland.

Lorna uses the Mental Toughness framework to signpost the developmental needs of her clients, as well as evidencing the impact of her work.

As well as Mental Toughness, Lorna also specialises in Emotional Intelligence and Flow states. This combination of expertise provides her with a thorough understanding of the psychology of high performance. She has presented her research on emotional intelligence and mental toughness at international conferences.

Session Outline

This session will outline qualitative results from a coaching case study with amateur MMA athletes. It will explore both client and practitioner experiences using the MTQ model to develop mental toughness.