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As we expand globally, AQR International is pleased to announce People-Centric as a key partner, bringing thought leadership around Mental Toughness and more to Indonesia.

With a 20 year consultancy and training track record, People-Centric have inspired exceptional performance in the critical result areas their client’s target. People-Centric has built a global reputation with major clients in Europe, the Middle East and China.

The goal is always to build value over the short and the long term based on approaches that include performance management, leadership development, engagement, collaborative teams, mental toughness development, agility and sales team performance.

People-Centric have used the mental toughness concept and measure, MTQPlus, in their work for many years now.

AQR International is looking forward to working with People-Centric in 2022 and beyond!

For more information about the work of People-Centric, see their website or contact