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Last Friday, Prof Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk, CEO, of AQR International were incredibly pleased to run a seminar on the eight-factor 4Cs mental toughness concept for students and alumni from the JFK School of Sport and Performance Psychology in California.

Time differences meant it was a late event for them, but the session lasted just over 2 hours with psychologists from all over the USA.

There were several great questions (which they were, fortunately, able to answer!) and many very appreciative comments at the end.

Many thanks to Michael Gerson and colleagues at JFK School of Sport and Performance Psychology, especially Victoria Tomlinson (a pleasant surprise to hear a Bolton accent in California). JFK School of Sports Psychology has now incorporated the 4Cs model into its curriculum.

The 4Cs model is now the most widely accepted explanation for the mental toughness concept worldwide. Together with the MTQPlus psychometric, it finds application in the world of sport and beyond – helping people to perform and enjoy good well-being in the workplace, education, health, social mobility, etc.

Interested to know more and train to use the MTQPlus? Contact Andy Riise or Josiah Igono who are based in the USA or AQR International