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I really enjoyed this article by digital marketing guru Jeff Bullas on his practical seven priceless secrets to building your resilience.

He begins with a classic quote by Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas,

“There’s only one thing that’s worse than having an unhappy childhood, and that’s having a too-happy childhood.”

and an insightful reference to research that reveals the majority of successful people ensure a tough start to their lives.


1) Practice being grateful

Being thankful for the small things in life puts your problems into perspective. That means you can laugh at the absurdity of the thoughts that can sometimes produce energy sapping anxiety.

2) Take some small risks and get used to small failures

No matter how prepared you are this happens to everyone. So when the bigger mistakes show up you will know that it is usually never fatal but just a warning sign. This helps you to be more prepared or to not do it again.

3) Don’t worry about what you can’t control

Look after what you can and dismiss what you can’t control. You will have to ride them out.

4) Live in the Now – (sometimes called mindfulness)

Our mind often runs the show. It often overwhelms us with imagined future foes. Running your life. Even when it hasn’t happened. This one habit can be practised and it works.

5) Reduce stress through exercise

Being too busy to exercise will catch up with you.  And when you most need endurance the body can’t support your spirit. We are not just minds and bodies in different boxes. It is all connected.

6) Practice meditation

Being too busy to stop and “be” is setting yourself up to be overwhelmed. The art of being still is an investment in the future. Lay the foundation for a more productive day and a more resilient you.

7) Ask for help

Successful people know they can’t do it solo. They know they can’t do it all. They understand when they need to ask for a helping hand. It isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s smart. But this can only work when you have invested and given to others over the years.

These are daily habits that are vital for being ready for “that” event. You can’t control some things that will turn up at your front door. But your attitudes, habits and mindsets can be trained to make it easier

You can read more wisdom from Jeff Bullas on his website