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Mentally tough people are invariably successful because they make things happen and get stuff done, without being distracted or diverted by fear or obstacles. One reason is that they almost always possess a strong internal locus of control, which is the extent to which they believe they can control events affecting them through their own personal decisions and actions.  In addition they control their emotions to react to the events in the way they want to.

This control is generally supported by their self-efficacy, capability and a realistic sense of what success means to them. This sense of control provides them with clarity over their direction and confidence through achieving their desired outcomes.  It’s a strong foundation for success as well as happiness and a less stressful life.

Generally people with an internal locus of control achieve more than those with an external locus, who in contrast believe their life is guided by luck and fate and that they are at the mercy of external circumstances.

Developing an internal locus of control begins with the realisation that you always a have a choice and that whilst some important things in life may go against you, you do have control over the way you react to those situations.

The mental toughness MTQ48 framework comprising the 4C’s of control, commitment, challenge and confidence provides a platform for adopting an internal locus of control that leads into improved performance, wellbeing and stress management.

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