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June 6th saw the 10th anniversary of our first meeting with Sylwia Rybak in Krakow who now leads AQR Polska. Since then, around 600 people have trained to understand and use the mental toughness concept and the MTQPlus in their work. The community of practitioners grows steadily in Poland.

Many have developed their expertise in understanding how to develop people and organisations. They have also applied the concept to a wide range of settings. In this and other posts, we celebrate their work and their achievements.

They are champions for one of the most important advances in understanding how people and organisations can work better and enjoy better wellbeing.

In this series of posts, we celebrate (in no particular order):

Katarzyna Kloskowska-Kustosz

One of the early adopters, Kasia has run countless training sessions, lectures and seminars about mental toughness over ten years. Recognised as a leading coach in Poland, she incorporates MTQ as standard in all her coaching work. Kasia has developed her expertise to the level that she is now a Master Trainer for the licensed user training programme for MTQ.

Kasia is also recognised for incorporating the mental toughness concept into her most popular programme “is “Mental toughness as a key competence of leadership in times of turbulence and change”. She has contributed a chapter to a book exploring what leadership looks like in the 21st Century “Who cares wins”.

Anna Syrek-Kosowska

Anna reviewed the first edition of our book “Odpornosc Psychiczna” which went on to gain recognition as Best Business Book in 2017. Anna actively incorporates the understanding of building mental toughness into the training programmes and Mentoring and Executive Coaching that she carries out.

As a Professor at the WSB Academy, Anna has included workshops on Mental Toughness as part of the development program of the Academy of Professional Coaching #AkademiaProfesjonalnegoCoachingu – a one-year postgraduate study program, enriching the development of coaching and mentoring competencies.

Agata Gebura and Wojtek Grad

Agata and Wojtek collaborate as well as working independently. In 2024, they are one of the most active Master Trainers for MTQ in Poland regularly delivering licensed User Training programmes.

Agata Gebura is the principal of Bona Fide, a leading consultancy, where she incorporates the mental toughness concept and the MTQ assessments into most of her work.

Wojtek is a consultant with Bona Fide as well as running his own consultancy practice. Wojtek writes prolifically about mental toughness providing a rich source of material for practitioners in Poland.