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Hosted by AELP, this webinar will examine briefly the mental toughness concept and look at tools and techniques designed to help people to deal effectively with stressors, pressures and challenges, including:

Positive thinking, Visualisation, Anxiety Control, Attentional Control & Goal setting
Providing an insight into why some interventions work for some and not for others
It will conclude with a brief overview of case studies where mental toughness development and subsequent assessment has evidenced a positive impact.

Who Should Attend?
Apprenticeship Providers or any organisation (any sector) considering taking on an apprentices or young people (including graduates).

The Package
Access to the live webinar, recording, slides and Q&As.
Each participant will be provided with the opportunity to complete the MTQPlus psychometric measure in full confidence and free of charge after the webinar.

To book visit AELP’s website