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On June 6, 2014, we met with Sylwia Rybak at the Wedel Cafe in Krakow. So began a partnership which has flourished into one of the most successful in the world of mental toughness practice.

Despite the pandemic, growth has been steady and consistent.

There are now almost 600 licensed practitioners in Poland who are trained in the understanding and application of the mental toughness concept. More complete the training each year. The concept is applied to every conceivable sector – sport, business, public administration, education and social mobility.

Sylwia Rybak continues to be the hub around which this growth is managed. In those, she is supported by BonaFide (Wojtek Grad and Agata Gebura working with Katarzyna Kloskowska-Kustosz) and Bizyou with Kasia Lorenc. Both deliver Licensed User Training programmes for practitioners and create a lot of awareness on Polish social media platforms.

In 2017, Sylwia initiated the publication (by GWP) of Odporność Psychiczna which, with support from Dr Anna Syrek-Kosowska, became a best seller.

In that time, we see that many Universities and Business Schools have implemented mental toughness into their curriculum., especially in postgraduate studies and MBAs.

In 2021, we were able to launch AQR POLSKA with Sylwia Rybak – a development recognising the level of acceptance of the Mental Toughness concept in Polish Society.

In the next post, we will highlight some of the work carried out by the more active practitioners – everything from EU-funded programmes looking at the student experience, to business applications and applications for parenting.

AQR International, together with academic colleagues Professors John Perry and Peter Clough, is recognised globally as the thought leader in the mental toughness concept. Our focus is helping individuals and organisations learn how “to be the best version of themselves that they can be”. A key requirement in the 21st Century.

To that end, AQR has developed, to the same high standards, other measures and materials around leadership, teamwork, trust and intrinsic motivation which are also being introduced to the Polish market.

In the meantime, we celebrate 10 years of Poland leading the way in bringing perhaps the most important development concept for the 21st Century to its people and organisations. As they say in Poland “Sto Lat” (“here’s to a hundred years”).