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Nottingham Business School

Doug Strycharczyk recently had a really interesting and useful day, working with Peter Sewell and colleagues at Nottingham Business School, to help prepare Masters students for handling major projects and assignments. Although these are learning opportunities in themselves, it is also the case that preparing the student for those exercises for which they have little prior experience can impact on optimizing the experience.

The session used the 8-factor mental toughness framework to explain why and how someone might find an aspect of the exercise daunting. All completed the MTQPlus measure as a means of creating and developing self-awareness amongst the students about what might help or hinder them in their endeavours. This can then help to identify and address development needs.

The students warmed to the task with a high degree of participation throughout.

This exercise doesn’t only prepare students for the immediate project but will also be useful for the rest of their lives in dealing with the transition into employment, handling challenges, and dealing with setbacks. All are vital for success.

Nottingham Business School (NBS) is to be congratulated for providing this type of insight and support to their students that goes beyond the superficial.