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This is terrific podcast from the BPS Digest on procrastination. Digest

Its particularly interesting, firstly, because it provides some excellent tips on managing procrastination. Including the idea that you should do the most difficult task first (eat that frog!) and that its useful to forgive yourself for procrastination.

Also that sometime procrastination is useful, it provides time to think ….. if you use it that way.

And also because it chimes so well with our research and work on Mental Toughness. The podcast describes some of the explanation for procrastination:

  • Our Emotional responses – picked up in our understanding of Emotional Control
  • Putting off what needs to be done – picked up in our the idea of Achievement Orientation
  • Learning from our experiences – which lies at the heart of the Challenge construct.

The podcast describes how procrastination can be a function of mindset and the extent to which we take a positive view about things. Which is essentially what the Mental Toughness concept and its 4 Cs construct describes.

As ever self awareness and reflection are important here. the Mental Toughness concept is a significant contributor to our ability to do just that.

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