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Incorporation into Trichology programmes

Once predominantly a male issue, hair loss and hair thinning is becoming increasingly widespread amongst females as women participate much more in the workplace and pursue careers. The hypothesis is that this brings them into contact with challenges and pressures which lead to stress. In turn this is thought to be a factor in hair loss.

Richard Hall, one of the North West of England’s leading Trichologists and Hair Stylists, has begun to incorporate mental toughness assessment (MTQ48) and guidance into his Trichology practice – and it is contributing to the wellbeing of his clients. Already deeply interested in Tai Chi, Richard had an awareness of the importance of mindset and its impact on behaviour and wellbeing.

As Richard notes ” There are a number of hair loss conditions where stress is seen as a contributing factor, an example would be Telogen Effluvium (interruption in the hair growth cycle, which causes diffuse thinning of the hair). I find the mental toughness test, with its insights and development suggestions can help my patients deal with some of life’s challenges in a more grounded way, helping them to feel less stressed, which in turn can lead to a normal hair growth cycle and a healthier head of hair “.

Doug Strycharczyk, CEO of AQR the Mental Toughness Consultancy and author of Developing Mental Toughness agrees “mental toughness is an aspect of personality – we all possess it to some extent or another. It is the element which enables us to deal with stress, pressure and change – which are now everyday features for all of us in our work and in our lives. Richard has identified a perfectly valid and important application here which works at several levels”

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