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The Mental Toughness concept is one of the most important concepts emerging in the world of people and organisation development. Now used in 80 countries, it provides users with a very accessible and well-evidenced explanation of why people and organisations respond to events the way they do.

Supported by a plethora of research and case studies in a wide variety of applications, this is a unique opportunity to enhance your professional development.

The conference are organised by Paul Lyons, Dr Suzy Green and Steve Asimoudis and feature Dr John Perry, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Mary Immaculate College, Ireland who will describe research which provides new and valuable insights into stress management, development practice and links with other relevant concepts such as Flow.

Doug Strycharczyk, CEO for AQR International will focus on practical applications in Coaching, Organisation Development and Leadership Development.

The sessions promise to be interesting, provocative (in a good way) and even gently disruptive – challenging some long held beliefs.

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Usefully all attendees will be provided with the opportunity to complet the new MTQPlus psychometric.



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