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Whilst scrolling through the ESPN home page for the latest San Antonio Spurs basketball score I noticed that Aussie (well, born in En Zed!!) Robbie Whitaker had beaten Ronaldo Souza in the MMA “Mixed Martial Arts”. I watched a short promo for the fight and his interview was coherent and priceless from a mental toughness perspective.

He talked about the benefit of experience meaning “you perform better under fear and pressure” and that you work on your mental preparation as a “collective collaboration of doing little things for your mental state”.

He discussed how he manages his life outside the fight and I thought this is someone that chooses his state and sets himself up mentally to perform to the best of his ability. His control, his discipline and his routines mean that when he steps in the cage he’s 100% ready.

With that mindset he will be successful at whatever he does.

It’s a minute twenty of pure gold. Skip the Ad when you can.

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