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AQR International is delighted to announce that Professor Peter Clough will be joining AQR, with effect from September 1st 2019, in a part-time role to become its Technical Director. This is a natural evolution of a very long term relationship between Professor Clough, Doug Strycharczyk and AQR.

Peter is known the world over as a leading authority on Mental Toughness. He is the originator of the 4Cs concept which is now, be a long way, the most widely adopted description that is emerging as a fundamentally important concept in understanding and developing individual and organisations.

Peter will support the continuing development of the Mental Toughness concept and its application as an important part of the solution for individuals and organisations who seek to improve performance, wellbeing and agility in the 21st Century with all of its challenges.

Professor Clough will also continue his role in leading Research in the Psychology Department at Huddersfield University.

Peters role will embrace Product and Technical Development as well as working on AQR’s behalf with key clients around the world – particularly in supporting senior leadership teams in creating resilient and proactive cultures. This will include coaching senior leaders when need.

He will lead work with senior leadership teams as well as sharing responsibilities for speaking at conferences and events.

This is a key appointment in the development of AQR International as it continues to grow globally. Peter will co-ordinate the plethora of research which is emerging from more than 30 Universities worldwide and help to operationalise this to create practical solutions for clients and users.

Much of our success is based on developing approaches which are founded on solid psychological principles and, just as important, leading the way in bringing evidence-based practice to clients.

For those with a long memory, this also represents a return for Professor Clough. Peter worked at AQR International early in his career.



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