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As the Tokyo Olympics roll on, we are seeing an increased attention being given to the idea of Mental Toughness being a determining factor between elite athletes of all types. Every other commentator on TV seems to make mention of this.

It is indeed generally the case that superior performance is often a consequence of a mentally tough approach.

It is interesting to note however, that these Olympics are also notable for the attention being given to athlete’s mental health and the sight of elite athletes withdrawing for competition for one reason or another.

That too can be an indication of Mental Toughness.

A key factor in Mental Toughness is Life Control, describing the extent to which you feel you are in control of your life as opposed to the belief that you are controlled by others and by circumstances. Another factor is Interpersonal Confidence – the extent to which you will engage with others and let them know what you are thinking.

We saw a good example leading up to the London Olympics. A young gymnast – a medal prospect – was being developed and was introduced to a MT development programme. It worked very well. To everyone’s surprise she announced she was giving up gymnastics and withdrew from the GB team. She wanted to be an ordinary teenager.

She had learned how to take back control of her life from others and now had the interpersonal confidence to say so.

As our colleague Professor Peter Clough often says, “ Mental Toughness is about being comfortable in your own skin”. There are many ways of winning. We can all be a winner.

Your Mental Toughness is important. The MindSummit App provides an opportunity to assess your overall Mental Toughness Free of Charge.

It uses the valid and reliable peer reviewed 10 item questionnaire to provide a useful overview.

Please note that it doesn’t provide a detailed picture of your mental toughness. To do that either buy the 4Cs version on the App or contact AQR International on or one our partners world wide.